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We are engaged in providing the perfect passenger flow for buildings

Every day, every year, we are motivated by the challenge of creating new and inventive lifts. To meet your needs, we offer an extensive range of lift systems from one source, each one custom-made to your architectural design.

What matters is that our sustainable products promote user safety, maximize efficiency, make the most of available space, and provide superior riding comfort no matter what type of building or how many systems you plan to utilize.

Elevator solutions that adjusts to your business needs


All the benefits of quality, durability, and comfort in one elevator.

Space-saving and flexibility
Space-saving and flexibility

When it comes to buildings with low-mid traffic, Wiitrac Elevator is a great choice. Aside from its versatility in terms of proportions, it's also ideal for modernizing.

Quality comfort and an all-round ride
Quality comfort and an all-round ride

Wiitrac Commercial Elevator runs very quietly and with minimal vibration. Equipped with high-qualshock-absorbing device, passengers will experience the elevator's smooth acceleration and deceleration making it a comfortable ride.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Our elevators are both cost-effective and powerful. The most up-to-date technology (such as the energy-efficient machine, LED lighting, and smart energy management) consumes less energy than other elevators of similar performance.

Unwavering Dependability
Unwavering Dependability

Durable materials and long-lasting components, together with our expert installation and great service, ensure uninterrupted elevator availability – a must in commercial applications, where elevator availability is critical to business operations.

Individual design tailored to your needs
Individual design tailored to your needs

Choose from a large predesigned cabin collection or go completely custom with our custom-fit options. High quality materials like stainless steel, premium laminates or glass create a unique atmosphere.

Advanced Technology

VVVF Door Operator System

VVVF Drive, each door has its own switching speed that can be adjusted. The clever design of the door systems ensures that the car’s height is not affected, making the entire system safe and dependable, with smooth functioning. The door machine control system employs a dual control system, consisting of a group of the control cabinet main controller and another group of car board control.

Light Curtain Protection

Sensitive intensive infrared screens in the elevator door form a screen protection safety net for any access to its detecting location of people or objects, greatly improving the safety performance.

Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine

The Wiitrac Elevator Traction Machine Manufacturers’ combined development of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Traction Technology is in accordance with the idea of the future generation of low-carbon energy-saving elevator core technology. When compared to low-carbon energy, less space, lower construction costs, lower running costs, and lower elevator characteristics, technology and conventional procedures are superior. It is simple to meet the maintenance needs of a traction machine.

Group Supervision Management System

Rush run mode: Meet the office buildings and other public places to work time requirement.

Uniform operation mode: The minimum waiting time distribution principle of quick response, elevator.

Idle mode: Idle when the elevator is evenly distributed in the designated area of waiting, assure external paging response timely.

Long-distance monitor function

3G mobile communications and Internet network perfect combination, real-time acquisition computer board, converter data, wireless remote transport, achieve internet remote monitoring

IC Card System

By adding the IC card system, it provides the users with a more secure travel guarantee system. It offers extra safety for your elevator use.

High Speed Passenger Elevator

Wiitrac High speed passenger elevator, to human nature as the height, to science and technology as a weapon, to design for the pioneer, in technology and the adoption of a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and computer control technology, the convergence of data network system and modular structure, and use the most effective self-test procedure, so that the elevator system more control accurate, efficient and reasonable, Let the passengers arrive 200 meters rising height within 60 seconds.

Remarkable Speed under any conditions

Super high speed and large capacity elevators have a bright future. As a leading brand in the elevator industry, Wiitrac Elevator researches into and develops the more front-line, the more stable; effective and superior high speed elevators through tackling the difficulties.

It applies the novel style shock-absorbing devices

A shock-absorbing device is set between the car body and holder to isolate vibration. It superiorly buffers vibration during the elevator running process. It reduces the car vibration and prompts the comfortable travel to vast passengers. The combined car wall connection ensures mute effects in the car, the stable and enclosed air pressure.

Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator

To save space, expand the building larger space utilization rate, make the operation more flexible and reliable, make the building more elegant appearance. Wiitrac small machine room passenger elevator, the compact type permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and the special design of the control cabinet, make room area is achieved and the well area is exactly the same.

Saving up to 40% energy

A global leader in permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine, effectively reduce the energy consumption, can reduce energy consumption 40%, the realization of elevator mainframe maintenance free.

Saving up to 50% area of machine room

Room space is just an extension of the elevator hoistway, so the construction is convenient, low energy consumption and cost. Compact gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine can provide room for more space, placing the other control device.

Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

In order to know the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, saving building area, improve the degree of freedom in design is the responsibility of the Wiitrac Elevator without machine room, fully reflects the green spirit of humanity, the elevator needs only one independent well space, without room, with the same load weight level than conventional elevators.

Saving up to 40% Energy

A global leader in permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine, effectively reduce the energy consumption, can reduce energy consumption 40%, the realization of elevator mainframe maintenance fee.

Saving up to 10% area of construction

Wiitrac Machine Roomless Elevator saving even more space. The combined machine room with hoist-way give the elevator and construction designer more freedom.

Hospital Elevator

The Wiitrac Hospital elevator is used for more than only moving passengers; it also has particular and stringent standards for the usage of its special functions. The Wiitrac Bed Elevator has a precise speed control system that allows it to run smoothly and comfortably.

Through its distinctive design, the Wiitrac Hospital elevator provides a harmonious connection with the hospital environments. It creates a light and airy atmosphere. It creates a relaxing environment for the passengers. Patients will be more optimistic about their rehabilitation if they ride in such a lovely elevator.

It resists magnetic interference and better suits the modern medical application

Wiitrac Hospital Elevator, for rapid development of modern medical equipment, flowers, the control system can be used effectively within a variety of sophisticated equipment layout and the building elevator electromagnetic interference between the signal and eliminate pollution of the elevator, to meet the needs of modern healthcare system.

Home Elevator

Wiitrac Home Elevators, adhering to the area of the world’s leading private elevator technology, classic design heritage of the international fusion of artistic, practical and integrated with the times, and villas, private luxury high-level taste is very consistent.

Ride in comfort to happy family lift

Dedicated inverter system, precise control of the elevator running, comprehensive approach to improve your experience by ladder, pre-torque function, according to the load information provided by the sensor automatically adjusts the torque to start the elevator to make more natural, comfortable.

Proved technology gives more safety guarantee

Through the advanced performance of safety detection and protection the main controller is well informed about the elevator operation and the situation inside the hoistway. It is adequately equipped to ensure your safety incase of emergency. A unique voltage detecting function is provided.

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