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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to install a HomeLift?

Many of our customers are surprised when they hear the price of a HomeLift.

In general, the installation of a home lift costs no more than house renovation, neither cost of a BMW.

To receive the latest quotation customized according to your preference on the HomeLift, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Contact information for our branches can be found here.

2. How much energy does a lift consume?

The minimum stand-by power consumption is 15 W – no more than a computer or TV. Our lifts are classified as Energy Class A in accordance with VDI 4707.

3. How much space does a lift take?

The Wiitrac HomeLift is available in 5 different sizes. Some are smaller and adapted for limited spaces, and a few are more extensive and suitable if you have a little extra space in your home.

4. Can I feel safe in my lift?

Yes, of course, you can.

Our Homelifts all equipped with SmartSafety system, with an alarm button that is connected to an autodialer that can be used to make emergency calls.

You are always able to call one of the pre-programmed numbers from the lift. In the event of a power failure, the lift will run on batteries so you can lower yourself to the nearest floor.

5. How often will my lift need servicing?

The frequency of home lift servicing is quarterly.

We recommend a service at least once per year. The service is primarily carried out to ensure that the lift is functioning as it should and that all safety gears are functioning well. Our SmartLift app will notify you whenever your lift needs maintenance. Read more about the app under Tech and Safety.

6. Is the lift covered by warranty?

Yes, our lifts are covered by a 2 Year Warranty and 1 Year Free Comprehensive Maintenance, whereas the screw and nut assembly has a 10 year warranty.

7. Why choose WIITRAC HomeLifts?

No lift shaft, safety pit, or machine room needed. Conventional lifts – which are more complicated – have to be compliant with the Lifts Directive.

Our lifts even can be installed in an existing building such as hospitals, shop lots, restaurants, and hotels. Check out our project reference here.

8. How long does it take to install a HomeLift?

The installation time for a homelift is very short.

Usually it takes less than a week to install a homelift, and often less.

The impact on your home is minimal since not much more space than the lift itself is required.


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